Thanks to the seamless and efficient operations of Royal Victoria Hospital’s Bernard recovered fully from three serious health situations. In gratitude Bernard wanted to give something back to the hospital.

On March 09, 2009, construction of a new Cancer Treatment Centre and 100 bed extension was started. To make room for the new buildings, a row of Sugar Maple Trees had to be removed. He asked the construction supervisor if he could have a piece of wood from the trees to make a small table which might bring a piece of the past into the future.

“Sure,” he says, “bring your pickup truck and let me load a piece.” However, before the conversation was finished, he also asked Bernard if he would be willing to make something for their construction company as a thank you gift for the hospital’s large construction contract. “What was that?” Bernard asked. “Well,” Mikko replied, “can you make a 25 ft x 5 1/2 ft. Boardroom Table out of one of those trees?” After a brief inspection of the maple trees, Bernard agreed.

The table was massive with lots of character and live edges down each side. After viewing the partially completed boardroom table, RVH’s Art and Decorating Committee decided it should not be hidden upstairs in the boardroom, but displayed prominently in the a public area of the Hospital. This was truly an honour for Bernard.

Bernard became quite involved with RVH’s efforts making small tables and cheeseboards for their fund-raising events. This, in fact, became the inspiration for his company, Canadian Cheeseboards.