Cleaning and Maintenence
of Canadian Cheeseboards

dish-soap-and-clothes Canadian CheeseboardsStep 1

Stand board(s) upright in sink and clean using a little soap and water using a clean cloth. Never soak the board!

Dish-cloth_Canadian CheeseboardsStep 2

Wipe again with a clean cloth — letting board dry fully. Do not stack boards as space and air are required to dry thoroughly.

bleach & lemons_Canadian CheeseboardsWine Stains

For wine stains you may use small amounts of lemon juice or diluted bleach.

homemade-beeswax-paste_Canadian CheeseboardsProtecting and Restoring

To protect your board and to restore to its original rich colour use a small amount of beeswax paste and/or food grade mineral oil/paste — never olive oil or cooking oils. This will keep the board from drying out.