Cheese Tasting
Trays for Two

Each board is hand-crafted and unique


Cheese-Tasting-for-two_CANADIAN CHEESE BOARDSAverage Dimensions

15″ x 8″

Cheese knives not included

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Cheese-knives_Canadian Cheese Boards

Cheese-Tasting-for-two_display-food_Canadian Cheese Boards



  • Meets FDA CFR 21, Section 172.878 and CFR 21, Section 178.3620(a)
  • Registered NSF H1 & 3H, acceptable for use in food handling.
  • Kosher and Pareve food safe.
  • Approved by the Lacey Act – International Wood Products Association


Mini-Feet     Canadian_Cheese_Boards_small_mini_foot

All Small Cheese Boards have 3/4″ diameter Mini-feet with felt pads to ensure non-scratching of tables and for easier handling.


Wood Species

For food handling safety Canadian Cheese Boards utilizes the following wood species: maple, cherry, birch, ash, beech.